Announcement: Congratulations to Mr. Rowel Tubera Martinez! He won a Samsung Galaxy S5. Thank you to everyone who joined! Stay tuned for more exciting contests and giveaways here in Globe Community.



Hello Globe Community! How does a brand-new smartphone sound to you?


From March 24 until April 18,, 2015, Globe is giving you a chance to win a brand-new Samsung Galaxy S5 in its new raffle promo! Joining and earning a raffle entry is super easy! All you have to do is enroll your Globe Postpaid accounts to Paperless Billing before April 18.




Take note that re-enrolling your accounts won’t give you additional entries. Also, you have to stay on Paperless Billing throughout the duration of the promo, until prize redemption, to remain qualified and continue enjoying its benefits.


Switching to Paperless Billing lets you experience a hassle-free way of receiving your bills. With this service, you will receive your Globe bills via email within 5 days after your bill cut-off date. And with that, you can now view your bills anytime and anywhere you want!


There are many ways to enroll in Paperless Billing. Let me teach you how:


•    Via *143# quick-service menu:

Just dial *143# on your Globe mobile phone then select My Account > Enroll in Paperless Billing


•    Via the Globe website:

Go to and provide the required details.


•    Via MyAccount:

Log in to MyAccount at and click the button for enrolling to Paperless Billing.


•    You can also download the GServices app for free, and enroll to Paperless Billing. The app is available for Android and iOS.



Want to know more details about this promo? Read the FAQs below:



Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Samsung S5 Giveaway promo all about?


In line with Globe’s commitment to provide the best customer experience in bill statements delivery and help save the environment at the same time, customers who are on Paperless Billing by April 18, 2015 get a chance to win a Samsung S5 smartphone.



What is the advantage of being on Paperless Billing?


The advantage of being enrolled to Paperless Billing is that you can easily receive and access your monthly billing statement wherever you are through your email. Signing up for paperless billing also helps ensure that you receive your bill regularly and on time. Paperless billing is secure because the electronic bill (eBill) is password-protected. At the same time, paperless billing helps save the environment because less paper is used.



What is the advantage if I enroll to Paperless Billing now?


Enrolling to Paperless Billing now gives you the chance to win a Samsung S5 unit.



If I enroll to Paperless Billing, will I still continue receiving the hard copy of my bill by mail?


The paper copy of your billing statement will no longer be delivered to your billing address. Once you enroll in Paperless Billing, you will receive and access your billing statements through your email. The eBill is sent to your email 5 days after your bill cut-off, and it comes in the same format as your paper bill.



Why do you want to shift your customers to Paperless Billing?


Globe wants to provide the best customer experience in bill delivery through paperless billing.  Once registered to the service, you can receive your bills faster and more conveniently. Aside from that, Paperless Billing helps save the environment by conserving paper.



How do I join the raffle? 


To join, all you need to do is be on Paperless Billing or shift to paperless before 12MN of April 18, 2015. You may enroll through the following:


    • *143# quick-service menu: Dial *143#, then select My Account > Enroll in Paperless Billing
    • Globe website: Visit and follow the on-screen instructions
    • MyAccount: Log in to MyAccount at and click the link for enrolling in Paperless Billing.
    • For iOS and Android Phones: Download the GServices app for free and enroll in Paperless Billing using the app



How will I know that I have joined the raffle? 


You will receive an e-mail message informing you that you’re enrolled to Paperless Billing.



Can I have more than 1 raffle entry?


Yes, you can. If you have more than one Globe Postpaid account and you are the one paying the monthly bills for those accounts, just enroll all of them in Paperless Billing to qualify for more raffle entries. You will receive 1 raffle entry per account enrolled in Paperless Billing.



I have more than one mobile number under 1 account number. Do I get an entry for each mobile number?


No, raffle entries are dependent on the number of your active accounts. If you have several mobile numbers, but only have 1 account number, you will be given 1 raffle entry.



Can I win more than once?


No, you can only win one prize.



How come only account owners can win in the raffle? I am the one paying for my monthly bill.


We need to be able to identify who the winners of the raffle are. If the subscription you are using is not registered under your name, we will not have a record of your name and contact information.



I have been a Globe customer for 10 years now. I want to join the raffle, but do not want to enroll my postpaid account in Paperless Billing.


Sorry, but only customers who enroll their accounts exclusively in paperless billing can join the raffle.



Can I assign my family / friend’s email address? I don’t have an email address of my own, but I am the one paying the bills.


The email address you register for paperless billing should be one that you regularly open and have access to. If you do not have an email address, we suggest that you create one for yourself.



Can I convert the prize package to cash?


Sorry but the prize packages are not convertible to cash.



Can I transfer the prize to someone else?


The prize package, as stated in the promo mechanics, is transferable.






A.    How to join and who are eligible to join?


1.    The promo is open to all Globe Postpaid customers nationwide who will be on the final list of registered paperless billing customers by 12MN of April 18, 2015.

2.    Non-paperless billing registered customers may join the raffle by enrolling their Globe Postpaid accounts in Paperless Billing before April 18, 2015.

3.    Customers who have more than one Globe Postpaid account will have a chance to get more raffle entries. All they need to do is to enroll their accounts to Paperless Billing.

4.    Customers who are already on Paperless Billing are automatically qualified. No need for re-enrollment.


B.    Requirements to validate the entries


1.    The email address enrolled in Paperless Billing must be valid and active to be eligible in winning the raffle.

2.    The account number must have received a confirmations email that their account is successfully enrolled to Paperless Billing.


C.    Provisions on invalid entries


1.    Accounts with an invalid email address (non-existent email address, bounced emails)

2.    Accounts enrolled in Paperless Billing but re-enrolled back to Paper Billing during the promo duration, and thus are not in the final list of paperless billing customers by 12MN April 19, 2015


D.    Who are NOT qualified/eligible to join the promo?


All employees of Globe Telecom, its agencies and their relatives up to the second degree of affinity or consanguinity are disqualified from joining the promo.


E.    What are the prizes?


•    One (1) Samsung S5 unit


    1. 20% prize tax of prizes exceeding P10, 000 will be shouldered by Globe Telecom.
    2. Prizes are transferrable but not convertible to cash.
    3. Deadline of entries for the Aug 18, 2015 draw will be 12 MN of April 30, 2015.





I.    Winners should submit a copy of their two (2) valid IDs to Globe for claiming their prize.

II.    Winners 18 years old and above may claim the prize directly from Globe.  For winners below 18 years of age, a parent or a guardian should claim the prize.

III.    Qualified winners must claim their prizes within sixty (60) days from receipt of notification. Failure to claim within the allotted time/duration forfeits the winner’s right over the prize.

IV.    Each subscriber may have more the one raffle entry if they have more than 1 account. However, they may win only once.


F.    Determination of Raffle Entries


1.    All enrollment to Paperless Billing will be extracted daily from different channels (*143# and through during the promo period. All enrolment will be consolidated to identify valid raffle entries.

2.    The raffle draw will be done electronically using an online randomizer. Winners will be based on the account owner of the postpaid subscription.

3.    An account can only win once.

4.    All winners will be electronically drawn at The Globe Tower, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig in the presence of a Globe representative.

5.    Draw schedule will be on April 30, 2015.


G.    Validation Process

1.    Winners will be notified by a call, SMS and registered mail from an authorized Globe Telecom representative.


“Hi! We’re happy to inform you that you’re one of the winners of the Globe Samsung S5 Giveaway raffle promo. Our representative will call you within 7 days to confirm the details. Congratulations!”


F. Redemption of Prizes

1.    The winner must present the following when claiming their prize:

1.1.    A government-issued ID

1.2.    The winning SIM card where the entry was made

1.3.    Registered mail or SMS from the authorized Globe Telecom Representative

2.    Account should have no outstanding balances on the date of redemption.

3.    If winner is a minor, he/she must be accompanied by his parent/s or legal guardian.

4.    Qualified winners must claim their prizes within sixty (60) days from receipt of notification. Failure to claim within the allotted time/duration forfeits the winner’s right over the prize.

5.    The raffle winner agrees to have his/her name and photo included in all advertisements and other related material.

6.    Upon verification, arrangements will be made for the winner to claim their prize.

7.    For winners residing outside Metro Manila, prizes can be claimed at Globe provincial offices or at a pre-agreed Globe Store.

8.    Should the winner send a representative to claim the prize, the representative should present a valid ID, letter of authorization signed by the winner and a photocopy of the winner’s valid ID.