Summer is definitely here, and while your friends are hitting the beach and travelling to the best resorts, you’re just there stuck in the office working all day. Sad? Yes it is.


But you do have another option: If you can't go to the beach, have the beach come to you. How? By bringing in the summer feel into your workplace. These can help:



Wear Summer Dresses


Girls! What is Summer without cute, colorful dresses? Basically, when we say Summer dresses, that mean florals, neons, or something along the lines of cuteness. Just don’t break the office dress code and you’re fine.


Some examples:



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Decorate your work desk with beach-inspired items


Inspire yourself and make your work station look oh-so-Summer by decorating it with things like starfishes, sands, colorful fans, or different sizes of sun cut-outs!



Sip Coolers or Iced Drinks at your desk



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The best way to feel the Summer even while you’re at your work desk is by sipping some really good summer coolers. There are actually a lot of recipes out there that are easy to prepare and won’t take much of your time. I have one here for you: The Honeydew, Cucumber, and Mint Cooler.


This is easy to make. Just blend the 4 pounds of honeydew melon, 1 peeled and chopped English cucumber, chopped fresh mint leaves, and 1/2 cup of fresh lime juice together until smooth. Pour it into your water jug so you can bring it easily to your workplace. Enjoy!



Use this USB Fridge


Since it’s Summer, there’s no excuse not to drink cold beverages. And the perfect way to maintain the coldness of your soda? Have this USB fridge on your desk!



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With these gadgets and ideas, you might as well set up a beach chair at your workspace and stretch your legs.  See?  Who says you can’t enjoy summer?


Got some ideas in your mind, too? Let me hear them!