Everyone has their own way of spending the Holy Week. Some do fasting and alms giving, some travel to different churches to pray, some read spiritual books, while others just choose to stay at home.


If you’re one of those who just want to stay indoors this long weekend, I have one thing you can do that can help you reflect: watching Filipino films that are somehow made for the Lent season. Here are my top three Pinoy Lent movies:





I’ve always been a fan of independent Pinoy movies. And if asked what the best one for me is, I always answer “Magnifico”. There’s something about this film that makes it the first option to watch on Holy Week. Maybe because of the character Magnifico itself? Somehow, he reminds us of Jesus Christ – a good-hearted being who can change the lives of many with his positive spirit.


If you still haven’t watch this award-winning 2003 film, here’s a clip:



Tanging Yaman



Image source: http://tinypic.com


Tanging Yaman is a film about love, faith, and issues within a family.


I remember watching this for the first time with my family when I was still in grade school. Yep, quite an old movie, but until today, the story may still be considered relevant. What’s good about Tanging Yaman is that you can actually relate to the feelings of each character. Strong and very effective acting, indeed. I suggest you watch this with your family, too.



Tinimbang Ka Ngunit Kulang


This classic movie is something I only get to watch during Holy Week. Most Filipino cable television always show this especially on Good Friday. I guess it’s because this movie serves as a wake-up call for us? Director Lino Brocka shows the condition of other people in our society; it shows that there are still people out there who need our love and attention.


Full movie here:




No matter how you want to spend your Holy Week, Globe Community hopes you’ll have a blessed one. Do you know other Filipino films that are good to watch this holiday? Share them below!