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"So, how was your long weekend?”

To some, this question is similar to asking someone what they like most about their car – after said car is stolen.


In general, coming back to work after a long weekend can weigh heavily on someone’s mood.  This feeling is apparently known as the Post-Long Weekend Blues.  It’s similar to the Sunday night blues, but a bit more intense after coming from a longer rest period.


It’s fairly normal, and you’re most likely feeling it now.  The good news is, there are ways to ease the anxiety of walking back to the workplace, convinced that stress is waiting to pounce at the next corner:


Start with the easy tasks


The trick is to ease yourself back into the rhythm of things.  To do that, don’t hurl yourself at the hard, complicated challenges.  Start with the ones that you know you can do.  And when you’re back to your old pace, then you can start tackling the bigger things.


Share your weekend stories


One way to alleviate the doldrums of the first day of work is to relive the awesome experience of the days before.  When someone asks how your weekend was, don’t just shrug them off.  What was the best part? What was the worst part? When do you plan to do it again?  By the way, listening to other peoples’ stories works just as well.


Change your perspective


It’s all about seeing things differently.  Don’t think of the workweek as something you’re being dragged back to after days of rest.  Instead think of the days of rest as the recharge you need to get back to work and be better than you were before.


Plan ahead for the next long vacation


Again, a change in perspective: your vacation isn’t over, it’ just on pause.  Slowly put together a vacation plan for the next time you find yourself with a few extra days of rest.  And for the next few days, start listing down options based on the last weekend.  Simply creating something to look forward to makes coming back to reality more bearable.


Find the silver lining


At the very least, find something good in the fact that the weekend is over: you’re not spending as much, work will stop piling up, and you now have an audience for your awesome weekend vacation.  There’s always something, trust me!


Console yourself in the fact that (this) Thursday is another holiday.


That’s gotta be worth something!


Any other ideas on how to get through the post-long weekend doldrums?  Share them here!