Hello, Globe Community! If you’re thinking of exploring new opportunities at Globe Telecom, there’s an easy way to do it. In case you didn’t know yet, there is a mobile application that lets you get updates on current Globe job openings with just a few taps. It’s called the GCareers mobile app!


This app is so cool it acts as a one-stop shop. Once you have created your very own Globe career profile (which you can do through the app itself), you can already make your own resume and kickstart your career through its online Globe application.


From the app’s menu, there’s a section that when tapped lets you see all the recent job opportunities at Globe Telecom.


And if you want to check out the employee benefits and other perks, and the development and leadership programs of Globe, you can easily do so as there are also sections dedicated for those.




One of the coolest sections of the GCareers app is the “Appointments”. This is where you can check out your schedule of exams and interviews. You can also get updates on the progress of your application through the “My Applications”.


There’s a “What’s New” section, too, where you can find all the latest and hottest deals of Globe.





You can also view the “Company Profile” from the menu to know more about the company, and learn how wonderful it is working at Globe.





You see, exploring career opportunities at Globe doesn’t have to be a hassle. You can download the GCareers app for FREE on your iOS or Android smartphone.