Summer should never be boring. Actually, this should be the perfect time to do whatever outdoor activity you want since school is over and taking a long leave from work won’t be an issue.


There are a lot of ways you can enjoy and make your Summer 2015 unforgettable. You can hit the finest beaches with your friends, or for a change, you can buy and choose to wear crazy yet cool swimsuits that will literally make you the crowd’s apple of the eye! If this interests you, ladies, check out some of my beachwear inspirations below:


This anatomy swimsuit:



Image source: Pinterest


When I say “crazy”, I mean this level of crazy! Wear this swimsuit on your next beach trip to somehow show your love for science, and let’s see if you don’t end up being the center of attention.



This tuxedo swimsuit:



Image source:


For this year’s summer season, forget the usual neon-colored bikinis. Try something black and white, something classy yet sexy just like this tuxedo swimsuit! You’ll be a total head-turner especially with its sexy back!



This Gameboy swimsuit:



Image source:



Beat the summer heat by wearing something as cool as this one-piece Gameboy bathing suit! Just be ready to catch every gamer’s attention, okay?



This crochet bathing suit:



Image source:


Don’t you find this one-piece bathing suit too cute? Its pastel color and those crochet details are just so nice you badly want to wear this while strolling at the seashore. Just be extra careful as by looking at the photo, one strong wave can blow this whole thing off. LOL.



Or you could go the other way and be ultra conservative:



Image source:


If you’re the kind of person who loves dipping in the beach but hates showing skin and getting sunburn, well I just suggest you do what this TV Chef did. Wrap your entire body before hitting the salt water!



Got other beachwear inspirations? Let me know. You can either post them in the comments section below or create a separate blog post here in Globe Community, featuring your swimsuit ideas for summer 2015!