Hi again everyone,


As of Friday evening (April 17, 2015, GMT +8), the spam messages that flooded the message boards have been put under control.  We're closely monitoring our systems to ensure that no other spam messages compromise our Community.


Again, we apologize for the inconvenience it caused, and we thank you for your patience.  Should you encounter any other spam messages in the future, you can raise it to us by clicking on the "Report Abuse" link found at the right side of the message

We urge everyone to be on the lookout for these messages, which are designed with malicious intent and could threaten your online safety and security. To identify if a posted message could be spam, here are some items to look out for. 

  • The message is not directly related to the thread topic
  • The message appears in more than one thread and/or board (i.e. flooding)
  • The message is written in a language completely different from the site, or those mostly used by members
  • The message contains links to websites unrelated to the thread and/or board topic and contents


Take note that there is no exact, precise checklist that can identify if a message is spam.  But if a message has certain indicators that seem suspicious or malicious, steer clear and report it to us.  And, we mentioned previously, do not click the link or visit the website indicated in any suspicious-looking message.  Just flag us, and we'll take care of it.


Thanks for your continued support, and let's work together to keep Globe Community an engaging, spam-free online environment


Have a great week ahead!

andread, paulos and GlennO