Enjoy your digital life to the fullest! Starting this Thursday, you can chat with your friends using WhatsApp without data charges! Thank you, Globe!


Following the recent partnership of the two companies, Globe Prepaid and Postpaid customers can already enjoy WhatsApp’s real-time messaging and voice calling features for FREE. You just have to register to any of your favorite text, call, or surf promos such as GoSakto, GoUnli25, GoUnli20, and GoSurf, or get a myLifestyle Plan.




Globe Senior Vice President for Consumer Mobile Marketing, Issa Cabreira, spoke in an interview about the partnership.


“As part of our continuing journey to enable the Filipino digital lifestyle, we have collaborated with WhatsApp to let our customers enjoy free access to one of the world’s leading messaging apps with a prepaid promo registration or postpaid plan subscription,” said Cabreira.


Obviously, this is one of the best ways to connect with your friends all over the world! You and your best buddies can exchange text and video messages, create messaging groups, and send unlimited images without having to pay any on-top amount or monthly service fees (MSF). Coolest thing, yes?


And, oh, aside from the WhatsApp features I mentioned above, you can also enjoy the new Calling feature, which was also introduced during the partnership. This lets you make and accept calls, send automatic replies, use a speakerphone and mute the microphone.


Along with this exciting promo, you guys can continue enjoying free access to Facebook by simply subscribing to your favorite Globe promos.


Be the first to try FREE WhatsApp once it launches on Thursday! Download the app via iTunes or Google Play Store and use it free of data charges instantly! Yep, no more promo registration needed.


Hope this good news started your week right! Happy Monday, Globe Community!