HOOQ, for those who don’t know, is a cool app that lets you download or stream movies straight from your tablet or smartphone.


It has a library of over 10,000 international and local movies and TV shows. So whether you’re craving for your favorite rom-com flicks, or you want to watch horror films with your best buddy this summer, or you just wanna catch up on the latest episode of your beloved TV series, HOOQ’s got your back!


Now how do you get started with HOOQ? I can help you there.


Of course, first, you have to download the app. It is available on Google Play for Android users. It’s also in the App Store for iOS users, though make sure you have a Philippine iTunes account. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find the app.


After downloading, time to create your HOOQ account.


For Android users, simply launch the app and tap the “Sign Up/ Activate” button.




Enter your details, agree to the Terms and Conditions, and then tap on “Next” button.




An activation code will then be sent to the mobile number you’ve provided. Enter it in the black field, and then tap on “Next” button.




For iOS users, the steps are actually the same as Android, however, you have to create your account via the HOOQ website. Once done, launch the app on your device, and tap the “Log in” button.




You will then be led to the page where you have to provide your login details. Tap on “Login” button, and that’s it! You can already enjoy a wonderful world of movies!







The good news here is that you can watch your first HOOQ movies for FREE. Simply register to GoSURF299 or above and Postpaid customers will already get free HOOQ for 3 months while Prepaid users get free HOOQ with their registration.


So, I guess, there’s no reason not to download HOOQ and stream your first movie.


For more details about HOOQ, you can read the FAQs here! Happy Wednesday!