For a Globe Prepaid customer like me, travelling to other countries becomes more fun when I have seamless, all-day data connection on my phone. Good thing Globe is now offering its flat rate for unlimited data roaming service of P599/day to Prepaid customers. Hearing this news made my day so I’ve decided to share it with you guys, too!


roam surf.jpg


The new promo is called Roam Surf. It lets Prepaid users enjoy internet access abroad for an entire 24-hour cycle. No need to worry about the expiration of data roaming subscriptions at the stroke of midnight.


Those Prepaid customers travelling to the countries I listed below can avail of Globe Prepaid Roam Surf.




You are free to choose from the three Roam Surf variants: P599 for 24 hours, P1797 for 3 full days and P2995 for 5 full days.


To register, all you have to do is dial *143# on your Globe mobile phone, and then choose International and Roaming > Roaming Services > Roam Surf. You will receive a message confirming your subscription which includes the name of the partner-carrier at your destination.


Take note that you need to maintain a minimum load of P150 plus the rate of the Roam Surf variant you want to get. Your Prepaid load won’t be deducted until the subscription is successfully activated in the country of destination, so there’s nothing to worry about. Just remember though that before you register to the promo, check first if your country of destination is part of the Roam Surf partner countries. Otherwise, you may still be charged the selected denomination, but won't be able to enjoy internet connection.


I also recommend that you activate your roaming service at least 24 hours before your departure. To do that, simply dial *143# and choose International Roaming > Roaming Services.  You also need to change the APN settings on your smartphone to to make sure you get to enjoy uninterrupted data roaming connectivity.


It’s just great to know that we Prepaid customers can now share our out-of-country travel experiences as they happen, and can now maximize our digital lifestyle even while abroad. Big thanks to Roam Surf! If you want to know more about this promo, you can head over here.


I hope this made your day, too! Happy Tuesday!