Let’s admit it. We Filipinos just love free stuff. Whether it’s a free gadget or free treats such as movie deals, restaurant deals, or rewards points, as long as we don’t take out a single cent from our pockets, we’re all good!


This first Wednesday of the month, let me list down 7 wonderful things that you might get for free with Globe. Ready?



1.    One (1) restaurant deal from SEATS


What person would say no to free food? With a guaranteed restaurant deal from SEATS, an app which provides free and instant bookings at your favourite restaurants with just a few taps, your next dinner destination should never be a problem.



2.    One (1) movie treat for 2 from GMovies


For film buffs like me, a free movie pass is something one must never refuse to take. This cool treat from GMovies is good for two so don’t hesitate to bring a friend (or a special someone) with you.



3.    2,000 Globe Rewards points


In case you didn’t know, one Globe Rewards point is equal to one peso. So, if you have 2,000 points, you automatically get P2,000 which you can use to treat yourself to a slice of cake, buy dinner for a friend, or even pay your bills!


Globe has a long list of partner merchants where you can redeem your points. You can check it out here.



4.    Seven (7) NBA League Passes


Dude, free NBA League passes? I’m sure you can’t afford to say no.


These free passes let you stream all NBA games anywhere you are, even while on the go. You can watch the regular season, NBA All-Star, Playoffs, The Finals live and catch on-demand on your tablet, mobile, or desktop.



5.    One (1) Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone


Need I say more? It’s a free smartphone. And! It’s the newest from Samsung!



6.    One (1) month subscription to GoSURF 999


What’s a smartphone if you don’t have internet connection?


Having one month subscription to GoSURF 999 means you can enjoy 5 GB of data for 30 days. You can upload 480 Instagram photos, download 222 songs, make 170 Facebook posts, or send 250 plain text emails in a month.



7.    One (1) month subscription to Spotify Premium


To enjoy your new smartphone even more, why don’t we add free Spotify Premium to it?


Spotify lets you stream music from more than 25 million songs, and create or share playlists. The best thing about the app’s premium version is its “Offline Mode” feature. This allows you to "download" music on the app so you can listen to it even without data or Wi-Fi connection.



Now for a chance to get all these things for free, you just have to switch to paperless billing! You can sign up at www.globe.com.ph/gogreen until July 31, 2015. Piece of cake, right?


You can enroll your Globe Postpaid, Tattoo Postpaid and/or Tattoo Home Broadband accounts to the service to get more raffle entries. This is actually a win-win situation for you! Aside from having the chance to get the seven wonderful stuff for free, you can also enjoy all the benefits of Paperless Billing: you receive your bills securely via email, you don't have to wait for the courier, and you get to have a hand in saving the environment!


For additional details on how you can switch to paperless billing AND get a chance to get everything I listed above, head over here. Happy Wednesday, Globe Community!