One day it's here; the next day it's gone – this is how I define my monthly salary. LOL. But admit it, every pay day, you also feel like your salary is just slipping over your hands. Well I guess this is the dilemma every employee faces during the middle and end of the month.


To solve this problem of ours and help you save money until the next pay day, I came up with a list of things we shouldn’t do on payday weekends. You’re welcome!


1. Go straight home


Avoid going out with your officemates on Friday night.



2. No lunch outs


And dinner outs on payday weekend. Unless you’re going fast food.



3. Don’t order pizzas! And burgers. And fries.


Only when you’re staying at home alone on payday weekend.



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4. Say “NO”


Applicable when your friends start nagging: “Sahod mo pala. Libre naman diyan!”



5. Don’t go shopping


Even if you have convinced yourself you’ll just do window shopping.


Remember, most local malls have sales during this time of the month, so there’s a huge possibility you’ll get your hands on something you don’t need.



6. Don’t go somewhere fancy


Like I said, Go. Straight. Home.



7. Don't browse online shopping sites


You know what the tendencies are.



8. Avoid “kinda-biglaang” vacation trips


Oh, I thought you don’t want the feeling of your salary just slipping over your hands?



9. Don’t pick up the bill


Just in case you’re eating out with your parents on Sunday.



And that’s it! You might want to write these down just so you can remember everything. You can also share your tips via the comments section below! Happy weekend, friends!