Yes, a submarine.


Exploring the undersea world using this motor-propelled submersible scooter is indeed one of the coolest and best ways to spend the last days of summer.


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Having a classic design of a diving bell, and utilizing a scuba technology, this mini submarine can submerge to depths of up to 12 meters and can accommodate 30kg-160kg, giving you an extraordinary underwater experience!


Each unit has 2 batteries – one to be charged while the other is being used. The depth control is via a control button which inflates and deflates a bladder attached to a scuba air tank. Steering, meanwhile, is through a hand-operated rudder control.


Riding this submarine is just like riding a scooter. All you have to do is seat on it and place your head into the aerated observation bubble. This bubble is connected directly to the air tank, creating a dry 'air bubble' so you can breathe properly even without a mouth piece.


For a demo, you can watch this video I found on YouTube:



More about this cool diving apparatus here. Happy Wednesday!