Summertime will soon be over, but don’t let those sepanx feelings stop you from enjoying the last few days of the season. Today, let me end your work week right by giving you cool tips and ideas on how you can cap off summer with a bang!



1. Forget the beach this time. I suggest you invite your friends for a picnic, or, take your bikes out for a good long ride, or, play extreme sports. The idea is to do all those awesome outdoor activities you can think about before it starts to get cold and rainy outside.



2. Travel out of town one last time.


End of summer also means hello school and hello work. So before going back to the real world, plan one more trip with your family or friends. Staycations are a good idea, too, if you want to save money while still having fun.



3. Take a Zumba class or enroll to a pole fitness session. I’m sure you still want to keep that body bikini-ready.



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4. Create a scrapbook of your vacations.


Aside from doing outdoor activities, you can also wrap up your summer by staying at home. Print out all the candid photos you have from your fun summer trips and paste them in a scrapbook. What a great way to recall the happy moments and remember all the amazing things you did this vacation, right?



5. Try something new and unique to make your summer a season to remember. How about exploring the beauty of the underwater world with this mini submarine?



6. Go to amusement parks.


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Basically, you don’t need an entire weekend to have fun and visit new attractions. Take your best buddies with you and ride all the heart-pounding, breathtaking rides! You can no longer enjoy activities like this once the rainy season begins, so might as well do it now.



7. Throw a pool party! And don’t forget to invite those awesome people who made your summer extraordinary.



You see, there are many ways to enjoy the last few days of the season. Aside from the 7 ideas I listed above, you can also take dinner outside (like in your own backyard or at a park), or go to cultural festivals and enjoy music and food. 


So how about you? How will you cap off your summer?