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The cinema was filled to capacity. When the movie ended, everyone stood up from their seats and clapped their butter popcorn-greased hands in wild applause. There was a right way of doing comic book films and Spider-Man had done it right. I walked out of the cinema replaying all of the cool fight scenes stuck in my head like a spider's web. The year was 2002.


Fast forward to the present day, and a new band of superheroes have arrived to entertain us not just on the big screen but also on television. Now I want to talk about a few that had recently caught my attention.




The popular TV series Arrows centers around Oliver Queen, the alter ego of the superhero Green Arrow from the comic books. Armed with a bow and ahem… arrow, he combats crime as a hooded vigilante, defending Starling City from all sorts of baddies.


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If I had Green Arrow's superpowers… I would put together a band of merry men, "borrow" from the wealthy to distribute among the poor. Oh wait, that's Robin Hood.




For most people the first thing that comes to mind when they think of "the fastest man alive" is Superman. But not me. For me, it's the Flash. Reborn as a superhero resulting from a chemical accident, the Flash serves as the protector of Central City who could run so fast he's perceived to literally travel back in time.



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If I had the Flash's superpowers… I wouldn't be stuck in this traffic.




iZombie isn't your typical small screen superhero fanfare. But then again, Liv Moore isn't your typical superhero nor is she your typical zombie either. Following a yacht party gone wrong and waking up on the beach as a half alive, half dead (half-and-half?) nurse with sudden cravings for human brains dipped in Tabasco hot sauce, Liv uses her "superpowers" to solve crimes of murder by regaining the victims' memories when she consumes their brains.



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If I had Liv Moore's superpowers.. my brain would be all I need to know that spicy human brains go well with iced tea and a side salad.




"What's wrong with girl?" this trailer asks. The newest member to join the roster of television superheroes is none other than Supergirl, cousin to Superman and wearer of knee-high boots in battle.



If I had Supergirl's superpowers… I wouldn't need any other superpower. Supergirl's got it all!


This sums up my list of notable superheroes currently on television. Did I miss one of your favorites? Let me know in the comments. If you could choose ONLY ONE superpower, what would it be and how would you use it to help those in need?


Be honest with your answers, be creative and most importantly, have fun with your imagination. Sound off in the comments below.