How awesome it is to see one of Back to the Future II’s predictions happening? This 2015 (the year that Marty McFly travelled to in the film), a Canadian man successfully flew a real-life Hoverboard!


Feast your eyes with his vid below:



That man you just watched is Catalin Alexandru Duru - the first person ever to break the new Guiness World Records title for “Farthest flight by hoverboard”. He achieved a total distance of 275.9 metres (905 ft. 2 in.), smashing the previous record of just 50 metres. No doubt, this Canadian nailed it!


Duru described his self-built board as the first real-life hoverboard. "I am the first man to create and fly a working prototype," he said. And that shows, right? Just look at those smooth glides he has made. Watching him makes me wanna have my own hoverboard!


But did you know that Duru wasn’t the first man to create a hoverboard?


Since the 1985 sci-fi film, “Back to the Future”, introduced the hoverboards to us, several developers around the world have taken their best shots to craft the amazingly cool levitating board. One of the first projects was the Hendo Hoverboard created by California couple, Jill and Greg Henderson. Though their invention was a success, it has a catch - it can only be used over a specially designed metal surface.


Here’s a vid of Skateboard legend Tony Hawk giving the Hendo Hoverboard a test ride:



If you can remember, last 2014, Tony Hawk rode a different hoverboard. However, the video turned out to be fake. You can watch the prank below:



So what do you think about Catalin Alexandru Duru’s hoverboard? Would you want to ride it? Is it impressive enough, or do you think technology still has something more to offer? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!