Photo from ArtBGC


If you've been to BGC lately, you've probably seen a number of murals along the streets around the city. You can’t miss it since most of them are several stories high.


BGC celebrated the country’s first-ever mural-centric arts festival dubbed as the Art BGC NextACT ONE Festival last May 22 to 30, 2015. The week-long mural festival featuring a mix of internationally-acclaimed artists, hopes to create both a unique sense of place and build an experiential atmosphere for both local residents and international visitors to BGC. This aims to showcase the inclusive nature of public art by creating murals that can be enjoyed by the entire city of Manila as well as an international audience.


Bonifacio Arts Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) and Globe in collaboration with an L.A.-based art consultancy, LeBasse Projects, gathered international artists including FAILE, CYRCLE, AKA Corleone, Kristin Farr, Drew Merritt, and Nate Frizzell, as well as local artists Egg Fiasco and Anjo Bolarda, bringing together a community of artists and art communities here and abroad.


Their creations have transformed the building walls of One Global Place, Bonifacio Technology Center, Icon Plaza, C1 Building Bonifacio High Street Central, The Palace Pool Club, all the way to the smaller facades of Bonifacio High Street in BGC.


The festivities began last May 22 and had the closing party last May 30 held at Bonifacio High Street Central Amphitheather complete with food, music, and fun.


Here’s a quick look on what went down during the 9-day Art BGC NextACT ONE Festival (Photos from Shutter Panda):

ArtBGC by Shutter Panda 1.PNG ArtBGC by Shutter Panda 2.PNG

ArtBGC by Shutter Panda 3.PNGArtBGC by Shutter Panda 4.PNG

ArtBGC by Shutter Panda 5.PNG ArtBGC by Shutter Panda 6.PNG

ArtBGC by Shutter Panda 7.PNG ArtBGC by Shutter Panda 8.PNG

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