Loving Wednesdays because it’s the only time I get to share all the nicest things I’ve discovered over the past few days. Today, I got you a cool item (perfect for the new season), some good news from Facebook, and an upcoming animated film that might catch your interest. Ready?



Mosquito Net Hammock



Photo from: http://www.thisiswhyimbroke.com/


If you’re like me who prefers staying outdoor during spare times, this hammock is perfect for you.


It shields you from those pesky insects and blood suckers that are prominent during the rainy season while you wander comfortably. The hammock is covered by fine nylon so you can feel the cool breeze of the air.


The roof is made from 180-gram polyester, providing you enough shade and protection from light rain (told you it’s perfect for the new season). What’s cool about this mosquito hammock is it has a comfortable surface where you can lay down and read or write or take a nap or do whatever you want. The two sides of the hammock can be unzipped for easy entry and exit.


To check out the pricing and additional details, you can head over here.



Facebook now supports GIFs!


Because photo memes on comments section are not enough to express your feels, Facebook (finally) allows GIFs from other websites to play properly on their platform. Talk about coolness!


To share your first GIF, all you have to do is copy the link of the GIF from sites like Tumblr or Imgur and paste it in your comment box. I tried it and tada! It really works!




You can check out some awesome animated GIFs in this Facebook group. Let me know if the functionality already works for you, too, since I heard Facebook is still rolling this out.



Disney-Pixar unveils The Good Dinosaur teaser


Now we have another Pixar movie to look forward to! The renowned film studio just released the first teaser trailer and poster for The Good Dinosaur, which opens in theaters this November 2015.


Sharing you the one-minute teaser here:



The movie will not be your ordinary dinosaur film. Pixar will take us into the world of dinos and introduce to us an Apatosaurus named Arlo. Arlo will meet a human friend, and will learn the power of defying his fears and discover what he can really do. The Good Dinosaur will use the voices of Lucas Neff, John Lithgow, Frances McDormand, Bill Hader and Neil Patrick Harris.


Here’s a cute pic I saw from comingsoon.net. Geez, looking at Arlo makes me wanna have my own dino! LOL.




So there you go! I hope these three finds had made your Wednesday. If you know other interesting stuff, you can share it with me via the comments section below. And who knows, I might feature it in my next #IWantThatWednesdays post. Have a great day, everyone!