Does love fade over time?


I have a 3-minute video here that can answer that question. Honestly, nakita ko na ‘tong particular video na ‘to sa Facebook feed ko days ago but I chose not to watch it. The reason behind is simple: feeling ko masakit. Then last night, I was able to watch it at hindi nga ako nagkamali sa mararamdaman ko. I was moved (NUKS!). The video gave me the goose bumps. So, I decided to share it here.


Before you watch it, let me give you the concept.


Marina Abramovic, an artist who broke up with her boyfriend more than 30 years ago, was doing a live art performance. The show involved spending a minute of silence with a total stranger. Several people sat down in front of Marina, but only one participant brought heart melting tears to her eyes.


The man in front of her turned out to be Ulay, her ex-lover. Matapos ang mahigit 30 years, ngayon na lang ulit sila nagkita. The two ended their relationship at the Great Wall of China in 1970s. They went to opposite ends of the Great Wall and walk towards each other in the middle to give their final embrace. (Ops! Bawal umiyak! Hindi ikaw si Marina!)


Their reactions after seeing each other again after the break-up was priceless. I admit, I cried while watching the video. May kurot sa puso, e. Here’s the vid:




Umamin ka! Naiyak ka, ano? ‘Yung holding hands talaga ang nagdala, e.


You know what’s really emotional about the video? ‘Yun ‘yong hindi sila nagsasalita pero ramdam na ramdam mo pa rin sila. Para bang nagsasalita sila sa galaw lang ng mga mata nila, at sa ngiti sa mga labi nila. You can feel there is still love. Hindi siguro katulad ng pagmamahal nila para sa isa’t isa noon, pero may pag-ibig pa rin. ‘Di ba? And admit it, kahit hindi mo sila kilala, watching them made you think “sayang! The one that got away!”


So babalik ako sa una kong tanong. Does love fade over time?


Based in the video above, my answer is no. Just look at Marina and Ulay. Many years have passed, pero nang magkita sila ulit, alam mong may pag-ibig pa rin.


Now let me ask you: Kung ikaw si Marina at muli mong nakita ang Ulay mo, ano ang una mong gagawin? Share your answers in the comments section below!