In 2013 N*Sync alum-turned-actor Justin Timberlake tore the wraps off MySpace, his revamped social network with a focus on music and artists. The short teaser video posted on YouTube was accompanied by a catchy, semi-electronic and percussion-heavy tune that immediately made me open a new tab and search for the song title and artist.


"Who am I to say I want you back when you were never mine to give away?" the lyrics went. The song was called Heartbeat by JJAMZ, made up of Z Berg from The Like and James Valentine of, yes, Maroon 5.



An indie song by an indie act comprised of members from famous bands.


At the time I knew I wasn't the only one taken by the song. Heartbeat hit it big in the Philippines, where it topped the RT 30 Countdown charts from three weeks until getting bumped off by our very own Rico Blanco. No hard feelings there.


Now I'm not going to take too much of your time this weekend with a long essay on indie music, but I'd like to take this opportunity to share with you another catchy song I discovered this past week. JJAMZ is now called PHASES, and recently they released their first single off their new album since 2012.


Give it a listen. The song I'm In Love With My Life has nothing but good vibes for your much-deserved weekend.



Music streaming apps and services have changed the way we discover new music that we listen to over and over on our iPhones and Android devices. Next week, Apple is set to reveal its highly-anticipated music streaming service at WWDC 2015 and I'll be writing all about it right here on Globe Community.


Stay tuned.