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WWDC season is here! Apple kicked off its annual Worldwide Developers Conference introducing the new generation of iOS, OS X, and the newest addition to its roster, the watch OS. Besides the solid tweaks to its software products, they introduced Apple Music which is said to be a strong competitor to the already crowded market of music streaming services.


Here are the highlights from WWDC 2015 last June 8:



From the complete redesigned interface of OS X with Yosemite last year, the new OS X 10.11, otherwise known as El Captan, is more about tweaking the OS X experience and improving performance.


Safari - now allows you to "pin" sites that you frequently visit so they'll load instantly from the landing page. Another is letting you mute audio in tabs without entering specific pages. One of my favorite improvements is the new windows management which means that you can automatically split your screen between apps and store multiple desktop layouts in a navigation bar on top.


iOS 9

Probably the coolest change with new iOS version is in the Notes app. You can now add a checklist, add photos, and insert web links with thumbnails. Did I mention you can now draw in the app itself? Now that's innovation!

Other apps like Passbook and Newsstand were renamed to Wallet and News, respectively.


I think a lot of you would agree when I say that the best part about iOS 9 is that it will take up less space on your iPhone. Deleting apps just to update to the latest iOS version will be (hopefully) a thing of the past.


Worry about your battery life no more. With the new "low power mode" on iOS 9, you'll now get three extra hours out of the battery.


And finally new productivity options are on the iPad! You can now open two apps side-by-side like never before.


Siri - Say hello to your new "proactive assistant" on iOS 9. With this initiative, Siri uses data on your phone to give you contextual advice and options. Somehow similar to the movie "Her" with Samantha, Siri can scan your emails and put invitations you receive directly into your calendar. You can also get suggestions on soundtracks to listen to during your morning exercise, people in your contacts you may want to call, and apps you may want to use at a certain time of day.


Maps - will support public transit directions with more accurate estimate of travel times.


News - formerly known as Newsstand, is an app that lets you read articles from different publications similar to Flipboard.


Apple Watch

It has a new operating system: watchOS 2, which comes with more options for watch faces. There's also full support for HealthKit and HomeKit.


Apple Music

The new music service lets you stream your favorite artists, watch music videos, and listen to curated playlists. There's also a feature called "Connect" that lets unsigned artists upload their music. It will be available on iOS starting June 30th and on Android this fall. Yes, you read that right. Android users will be able to download and install Apple Music (like iTunes on a Windows PC).


ICYMI: Here is Apple's WWDC 2015 Keynote.


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What did you like most about Apple's WWDC 2015 Keynote address? What did you think of the new features on iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan? Feel free to share your thoughts by replying to this thread.


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