Independence Day o Araw ng Kalayaan. Ikaw ba’y nakalaya na mula sa malupit na pag-ibig? In other words, naka-move on ka na ba?


Sakto, long weekend! This is your time to do things that can help you forget your recent breakup. Remember, breakups are no joke, men. Hindi ‘yan ‘yung bagay na itulog mo lang o ikain mo e okay na. Some people even undergo therapies just to be able to move on. This Thursday, we’re having an Independence Day "kuno" special. Let me share some long weekend ideas na pwedeng gawin ng mga “bagong laya" sa pag-ibig na tulad mo.



Go shopping



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It’s the long weekend, and I’m sure may mga malls diyan na mag-o-offer ng up to 70% discount on selected items. Take advantage of it! Hala sige’t ubusin mo ang pera mo buying all the material things you love! Sabi kasi sa isang study, shopping and buying relieves sadness and depression, especially if you’re the materialistic type of person.



Get sweaty


Spend the three no-work days at your local gym. Or, enroll to a Zumba class or do Yoga. Those activities will help you relax.


At ‘di ba nga, sabi nila, to be able to move on from a “nakakamatay” na breakup, you have to divert your attention to other things. So, get sweaty! At malay mo, balikan ka ulit niya kapag beach body ka na. JOKE! Joke lang. ‘Wag kang umasa.



Delete memories



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Dahil wala namang pasok, use that time to open all your social accounts. Pero hindi mo gagawin ‘yon to stalk him or her, ha. Instead, you will log on to delete all your pictures together. Unfriend him, unfollow him, and if you want, block him as well. Erase everything that reminds you of that person. ‘Wag kang mag-titira kahit na isang picture! You have 3 days to do all those deleting, bawal mangdaya.



Have a good time


Like what I said earlier, divert your attention to other things. ‘Wag kang mag-mukmok na para bang ikaw lang ang natatanging nagmu-move on sa mundo.


You may want to set a get together with your friends this long weekend, spend time with your family, do the things you love, or you may just stay inside your precious room and dig into some good action movies. Oo, action talaga. No to romance films dahil lalo mo lang papahirapan ang sarili mo.



Get a makeover



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Use the long weekend to change your look. I’m not saying naman na totally magbago ka ng hitsura, ‘no. What I mean is, make yourself still attractive after the breakup.


Buy new makeups (for girls), buy new clothes, get a professional makeover, or spend a day at the spa. You have enough time para gawin lahat ng pagpapaganda o pagpapa-gwapo na alam mo.



Sana nakatulong ang mga long weekend ideas ko sa pagmu-move on mo. Before I end this post and before you savor your long weekend, I want to congratulate you first. Congrats! Sa wakas, laya ka na!