As you may have noticed, the rainy season has begun. There's nothing like waking up in the morning and hearing the rain. If you're like me who prefers the rainy season, this is the perfect time to travel.


Since less people travel during this off-season, you should be able to find some good deals on flights, hotel accommodations, and tour packages.


So if you decide to plan your next trip during the rainy season, here are some tips to get the most out of it:


1. Make a Plan - Do your research and check the weather before you leave. Be prepared to bring some rain gear. Make sure to waterproof your electronics by keeping them in a dry bag or ziplock.

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2. Maximize Savings - Fewer tourists means you have a higher chance of getting a nice hotel room with a reasonable price. Put in the extra effort to negotiate before spending your money on a room. Anything you save can be for your lodging, transportation, or your next meal.

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3. Tourist Spots - Take advantage to explore these spots with lesser crowds around. Now that's a dream come true if you ask me. It's less hectic so you're likely feel more relaxed. Instead of racing from one place to another, you'll have time to slow down to enjoy the views which is often what you just need for your vacation.

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4. Indoor Activities - Besides spending your time at the beach, why not visit some museums to give you a chance to learn more about the culture and place you're visiting. If you're into sports, you can try looking for spots where they have an indoor pool or a tennis court.

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5. Food Crawl - What's a vacation without a culinary tour? Try some delectable cuisines locally available at your place of destination. Discover new flavors and experience a variety of dishes. Bring your friends along, too. You know what they say, food is best enjoyed with great company.

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So don't let the rainy days stop you from taking an adventure. Since the weather is pretty much unpredictable, it's not worth worrying about it too much just because the season isn't ideal.


How about you? Any fun activities you’d like to suggest during the rainy season?