Hi Community Members,


As of late last night (June 30, 2015, GMT+8), Globe Community was flooded with spam messages. For those who experienced this, we apologize for the inconvenience. The messages have been deleted, as with the offending account. 


To prevent other spam messages, we are deploying a series of security and moderation measures to ensure that no other follow-up posts appear in and threaten our Community.  These may cause a delay in posting of some of your forum messages; we request for your patience, and assure you that this will only be temporary.

In the meantime, we ask everyone to be alert of any suspicious messages, some of which are created with malicious intent.  To help identify if a message is spam, here are some items to look out for:

  • The message is not directly related to the thread topic
  • The message appears in more than one thread and/or board (i.e. flooding)
  • The message is written in a language completely different from the site, or those mostly used by members
  • The message contains links to websites unrelated to the thread and/or board topic and contents


Remember, spam messages can also have characteristics other than the ones listed above.  If a message seems suspicious or malicious to you, please report it immediately by clicking on the "Report abuse" link found at the right side of the post.


And if that post contains links or website addresses, do not click the link or visit the website indicated.  Just let us know, and we'll take care of it.


As always, thanks for your support, your patience, and your cooperation in keeping Globe Community a safe, spam-free environment.