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We're bringing back Free Facebook with the launch of a complete suite of access to the social networking site without data charges. Now Globe is offering Facebook with free data with a new in-app feature that allows you to choose the type of Facebook access, Free Facebook for 7 Days for TM customers, and Free Facebook with a GoSURF subscription.


So what's the difference you ask? Here's what you need to know:




This is a zero-rated, lightweight version of Facebook with limited access to photos and videos.


To use Facebook with free data, you will have to download and launch the latest version of Facebook for Android. You may also visit on your mobile browser. After that, you will be prompted to opt in or out of Facebook with free data. If you opt out, you will automatically be directed to the full version of Facebook and charged your regular data rate. Those who opt in can begin browsing Facebook for free.


You will also get a data control button at the top of Facebook, which lets you easily switch between the free and the full versions of Facebook at any time. Besides that it indicates which version of Facebook you are currently using, this button can be dismissed so as not to disturb browsing.


Whenever you click on a photo within Facebook, an external link, or any content that leads outside the Facebook app, you'll be notified that you are leaving Facebook with free data and will be charged for data usage.




You will receive the free access to the full Facebook experience for 7 days when you have purchased the TM Choose-Your-Number SIM.


Mobile devices must be internet-capable and have a maintaining load balance of P1 in order to access free Facebook on TM SIM cards.




Just register to a GoSURF data plan to get the full experience of Facebook with photo and video streaming access for free. The full experience includes viewing of photos, streaming of videos uploaded on Facebook, as well as posting, liking, sharing and making comments on the social networking site. Access to the messenger, excluding calls, is also free.


To inquire about the promo, text FREE FB HELP to 8888. For more information, visit