Adobe Flash has always been the leading platform with regards to playing videos on the internet before. But things have changed. Everyone now hates it.


Back in 2010, Apple CEO Steve Jobs lead the move in the removal of Adobe Flash to all of Apple’s product line due to the fact that it is “slow” and has “security issues”. A really bold move to the company back then, since almost all of websites are dependent on  Adobe Flash for their multimedia content. Apple is rooting for HTML5 as a “better alternative” to flash which was not really that widely used before especially in browsers so people were really skeptic about their decision.


Into the present time, Adobe Flash showed age and a lot of vulnerabilities have surfaced. Report says that the platform has a serious vulnerability that lets hackers control anyone’s  computer using that vulnerability.


Apparently, Jobs was right. Flash in indeed risky and the use of HTML5 in displaying videos gained traction. This is has become evident because of the migration of YouTube  and other video sites from the use of Flash to HTML5.


Now, even the Mozilla Organization agrees with this. Mozilla Firefox is disabling Adobe Flash by default to stop further exploits of the security issues, even if the Adobe Team has already issued a patch on it. Looks like it’s a little too late now for Flash to do something about it. To make matters even worse, even Facebook’s Chief Security Officer said over Twitter that Adobe Flash already needs to retire.


Getting rid of Flash is probably the best course of action, as we already have new standards like HTML5 video tags  that can replace it and also  open source. Adobe Flash has been a great platform, but in the age of open source languages, looks like there’s no room for it now.


Do you think there’s still a second chance for Adobe to clean up its mess with Flash?