What? Ant-Man who?


These three words pretty much sum up the look on people’s faces whenever I’d mention to them the Marvel superhero known as Ant-Man. The newest film from Marvel is an attempt to tackle that dilemma: to introduce non-comic book readers to the character, the superhero, and what he brings to the table that’s surrounded by powerhouses the likes of Captain America and Iron Man.


Before seeing Ant-Man this long weekend, here’s three things you need to know about this peculiar superhero:


1. The movie’s version of Ant-Man inherited his superpowers



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Correct me if I’m wrong, but Ant-Man is the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to address the issue of whether the superhero mantle can be passed down. Scott Lang is not the first Ant-Man; Hank Pym is. In the movie, Hank Pym serves as Scott Lang’s mentor in becoming the new Ant-Man.


2. Ant-Man has weird superpowers


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What does Ant-Man do? What’s his superpower?


First and foremost, he possesses the ability to increase his physical strength by shrinking in size, practically making Ant-Man the most annoying superhero to pick a fight with. You can’t see him, and he’ll knock you easily across the room. His signature helmet also allows him to communicate with ants and summon them in battle.


3. This is a standalone film... sort of


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Ant-Man is the first Marvel movie since Iron Man to depict a world concerned mainly within its own confines. But don’t get me wrong. Ant-Man is set to enter the vast playground of interconnected plotlines of Marvel’s movies starting with next year’s Captain America: Civil War. For now, however, this Ant-Man film sets out to do one thing and one thing only: to introduce a new power player to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Personally I’m one of those planning to see Ant-Man in theaters this weekend, and I can’t wait to see him join the fray next year fighting alongside Marvel’s current roster of superheroes. Hulk vs. Ant-Man, anyone?