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Recently as far as smartphone design goes we’ve reached a point of stalemate, with only a few key industry players bold enough to come up with innovative design cues every couple years or so. To put it bluntly, everything is a rectangular slab.


But according to SYL Chao, CEO of Turing Robotics Industries, things could be different. Enter the Turing Phone.


At first glance the Turing Phone looks no different from a device developed under Google’s Project Ara. But what makes the Turing Phone a tad bit more interesting, at least for me, is how upon closer inspection the little things that sum up the whole can be a bit... contradictory.


First, the design. The physical design of the Turing Phone—rectangular with sharp edges—is akin to Sony’s design ethos with the Xperia series. Personally I am a fan of the sleek, professional look that Sony’s going for, but the Turing Phone digresses further by being colorful and cube-like. It reminds me of no less than a Pablo Picasso masterpiece.



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Apart from design, Chao also stresses the Turing Phone’s security features. Built on Android 5.1, the makers of the Turing Phone have engineered itheir own end-to-end processes for authentication and encryption duties. Ideally the Turing Phone is one of the most secure devices on the market. It’s just funny how the open source Android, widely regarded as an insecure mobile OS, is now associated with a device that prides itself on privacy and security.


Other specifications of the Turing Phone include a 5.5-inch, 1080p display, a non-removable 3,000mAh battery, a 13-megapixel camera on the back and an integrated NFC chip for wireless payments.


How many of your friends do you think would get a Turing Phone if they could spend the same amount for, say, an iPhone or a Galaxy device? Not many, I bet. But Chao has bold plans for this baby. “This is mass market, but geared towards the designers and fashion-conscious indviduals. The elite,” he says.


Like I said, the Turing Phone is by large an oxymoron in itself, and that is why it’s beautiful.



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