Today’s #IWantThatWednesdays is perfect for those of you who like to grab a drink or two with friends and family. Get ready to say “bottoms up!” as I list down some items that will surely be conversation starters around the table.


1. A Beer Tracker


Source: quirksph


For those times when you don’t realize you’ve had one too many, this cool gadget can be used to track how many bottles you’ve opened. It’s battery operated and can count until 1,000 bottles. You can re-boot and start re-tracking after that.


2. 50 Calibre Bottle Opener


Source: quirksph


Doesn’t it look real? It’s because this bottle opener is said to be made from a spent shell of a real 50 calibre bullet. Can you imagine the look on your friend’s face when they see this? Relax guys! It’s just a bottle opener.


3. Bottle Fridge Magnet


Source: quirksph


Some refrigerators have built-in ice dispensers but have you ever seen one with a bottle opener? Look no further if you can stick this to your fridge. It’s made from stainless steel and measures 4.75 in width, 7.9 in length and 1.2" in diameter. The guy who invented this is a genius! I mean how cool is this?


4. Foosball Bottle Opener


Source: quirksph


Have you ever missed a live football game on TV before because you were busy looking for a bottle opener in the kitchen? Never miss a goal when you have this lying around.


Who knew there were different kinds of quirky bottle openers out there? Comment below if you find other cool gadgets I can feature for the next #IWantThatWednesdays blog post. Cheers! (no pun intended)