I’m not kidding when I say that Monday is the best day of the week. It’s all about how you perceive it. One thought of positivity can change your mood for the entire day.

1. This is your chance to start fresh after a relaxing weekend.

Mon 1.PNG

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2. Matatapos mo na rin ang mga unfinished tasks from last week.

Mon 2.PNG

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3. Makikita mo na ulit ang mga officemates mo. I’m sure marami kang baon na kwento that you can’t wait to share.

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4. Balik opisina means free aircon. Magdala ka lang ng maraming jacket para di ka masyadong lamigin.

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5. Mapapanood mo na ulit ang TV series mo na tuwing Monday lang ang showing.

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Think of it this way. You are only 4 days away before the weekend! Have a great week ahead!