Today’s #IWantThatWednesdays is for those of you who are crazy about cameras. These items are not your typical point-and-shoot cameras. They are not even meant for taking photos. But I’m sure you’ll find them just as useful in one way or another.

1. Polaroll


Source: quirksph


Imagine a vintage Polaroid and a toilet paper holder combined into one. Give your bathroom a retro look by adding this piece inspired by the 80’s. Forget about instant pictures. Get instant tissue paper instead!


2. Zipper Pouch


Source: quirksph


Store anything from pens, paper, coins or even your phone charger and earphones. You can also use this to carry your toothbrush and toothpaste on-the-go. What’s nice about this zipper pouch is that it’s made from 95% recycled materials.


3. Lens Shot Glass


Source: quirksph


Make coffee breaks more fun with this shot glass that’s made to look like a camera lens. Time to shoot your next #dailycortado with this cute coffee cup. The lens shot glass is 50ml in capacity and is made of opaque glass.


4. Polaframes


                           Source: quirksph                                                                  Source: quirksph


Here’s another gadget for your fridge. With magnetic instant photo frames, you can make your memories extra special by adding short captions that you can change multiple times. This comes with 6 polaframes and a dry-wipe pen. There’s also a multi-colored version too!


Make sure to share these finds to your photography loving friends. Comment below if you find other cool gadgets I can feature for the next #IWantThatWednesdays blog post.