Source: http://blogs.microsoft.com/


After months of speculating the name of Microsoft’s follow-up to Windows 8, and then several more months trying to figure out its release date, Windows 10 is finally here. Now we can begin the long yet exciting process of deciding whether it’s actually any good.


On July 29, 2015, Microsoft began rolling out Windows 10 to all compatible PCs and machines worldwide. If you’re one of these lucky candidates, don’t hold your breath just yet: the rollout is being done in waves to make sufficient leeway for ongoing downloads. You might want to keep a close eye on your Windows Updater within the week or the next since the download will begin doing so in the background, automatically, and you might be greeted by a brand new operating system the next time your PC boots up.


Honestly, I’d like for Microsoft to surprise me like that.


The good news is that the new operating system is already garnering generally positive reviews. Based on what I’m seeing online, Windows 10 is a far cry from and overall a more mature operating system compared to the disappointment that was Windows 8. Such a disappointment that Microsoft felt compelled to skip Windows 9 altogether.


I wonder if Windows 10 will be enough to put Microsoft back on the map. With the surge in Mac sales and decline of PC sales in recent months, Microsoft needs to play its cards. And this is just the beginning.