Like any other device, you have to find the right one that fits your lifestyle. The Apple Watch is still not available in the Philippines, but if you're considering buying one when it finally arrives, here are four questions you should ask yourself before buying.


1. Do you wear a watch on a daily basis?

If you're an avid iPhone user who wears a watch on a daily basis, this may be the gadget for you!


While every Apple Watch looks the same physically, there are millions of ways to customize the watch face to fit your needs. Analog or digital? Butterflies or jellyfish? Astronomy or Mickey? You can change the way the watch face looks like, down to the smallest details. What's also great about the Apple Watch are the complications, little pieces of information you can place on the watch face. You can choose to show your next appointment, your watch's battery level, or even the next moon phase.


If you're worried about the battery life, Apple's claim of whole-day battery life lives up to its promise. You'll probably need to charge it every night, but it's no hassle because of the magnetic charger (for those with Macbooks, it works the same way as your Magsafe charger). In the rare case that you run low on battery, Apple Watch has a Power Reserve mode that turns switches all functionalities off except for the time.

Screen Shot 2015-08-01 at 3.55.59 PM.png

Using Maps on the Apple Watch is... interesting. The Apple Watch taps you when you getting closer to your destination. Too bad it only works with Apple Maps.


2. Do you enjoy being constantly connected?

Yes, you need an iPhone for your Apple Watch to work. The Apple Watch uses Bluetooth to silently connect to your phone and pull information. While the Apple Watch can last the whole day, your iPhone may not. Having Bluetooth turned on the whole day can drain a lot from your iPhone's battery, so you should bring a battery pack with you.


The benefit, however, is that you have closer access to all your phone's notifications and features. Got a text from a friend? You'll see it on your watch. Someone liked your Instagram post? You get to see who it was. With the Apple Watch, Apple introduces the taptic engine that taps your wrist when something new comes up. Yes, it will tap you every single time.


A word of caution: having an Apple Watch on your wrist is like having an assistant calling your attention constantly. When you start wearing one, you'll surely begin looking at your wrist more often. You may seem more connected to the world, but you end up less connected to the people around you. You can easily avoid this by limiting the number of apps that can notify you through your Apple Watch. Yes, you’ll need your iPhone to do that too.

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You can view your boarding pass on your Apple Watch! Major airlines already support e-boarding pass, so all you have to do it raise your wrist to bring it up.

3. Does it take you more than 5 seconds to access your phone?

If the Apple Watch works like an extension of your iPhone, what's the point of having it? The Apple Watch is designed for interactions that take much less time to complete: replying to messages, checking the time, recording your meals, playing music, calling a friend. If you place your iPhone inside your bag, have it plugged in, or placed it in the pocket of your skinny jeans, you know that having to take out your phone to do those small interactions becomes a hassle.


So if it takes you more than 5 seconds to pick up your phone, turn it on, type in your passcode (or use TouchID), find the app, navigate through the app, and complete the transaction, then the Apple Watch is a more convenient option.


Many app developers have already made Apple Watch compatible apps. These Apple Watch apps are lightweight versions of their iPhone counterparts. They usually just carry the key features of your iPhone app, because who in their right mind would type a long email on their watch?


If you need to do something quick, raise your wrist, click the Digital Crown, find your app, and complete the transaction.

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The Apple Watch gives you regular updates on your activity progress. You can say goodbye to the couch potato life!

4. Do you like building habits?

Perhaps the best use for an Apple Watch is building habits for yourself. Whether you want to move more, eat healthy, keep a journal, or read more, the Apple Watch is there to help. A combination of persistent notifications and quick interactions makes for a good digital coach that reminds you to take concrete steps to living a healthier life.


The Apple Watch introduces an Activity app, which reminds you to do one of three things: stand, move, and exercise. Using your Apple Watch's hardware, you can get a customised dashboard of how much you've moved the entire day. The Apple Watch also has a heart beat sensor, which checks your pulse on a regular basis.


From the time I've worn the Apple Watch, I've started logging more things regularly: my meals, my expenses, and my movements. It takes a whole lot of discipline to build a habit, but the Apple Watch is a great companion to have.


If you answered "yes" to all those questions, then the Apple Watch is definitely for you! The Apple Watch is proving itself to be more than just a fad; it's a big step towards a more connected and quantified future.