Today’s #IWantThatWednesdays is for those of you who are looking for fun gift ideas. Tell me August isn’t too early to start shopping for Christmas gifts. Can you believe that we’re a few weeks away before the Ber months kick in? Either way, it won't hurt to get started on your Christmas wishlist.


1. Evolution Bookends


Source: doiy design


What a cool idea to make bookends inspired by the Theory of Evolution. Perfect way to keep your science books organized either on your desk or on a bookshelf.


2. Dr. & Nurse Medicine Tin Box


Source: balvi


Is there a doctor in the house? Keep your medicine in these cute tin box away from direct sunlight and out of children's reach. I bet your kids won’t mind drinking their meds if it came from Dr. & Nurse.


3. Emergency Money Box


Source: suckuk


Running out of funds? Besides keeping track of your expenses, it’s always wise to save money for a rainy day. This emergency money box will surely make you think twice before spending over your budget.


4. Taxi LED Keychain


Source: Kikkerland Design


This isn’t a toy car nor an ordinary keychain. Since it practically has a flashlight, this will come in handy for those times when you can’t find your keys in the middle of the night. Did I mention it can also make honking sounds like a real cab?


Discover these cool gift ideas either for Christmas or for any occasion. Comment below if you find other cool gadgets I can feature for the next #IWantThatWednesdays blog post.