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If these novelty jeans hit it off, they might give powerbanks a run for their money.


iPhone users, and I gueess users of certain Android phones on the low end, are often accused of being “wall huggers”, needing to stay close to a wall socket most of the time to keep their devices charged. One company hopes to provide a stylish solution to this first-world problem. How? Make designer jeans that also charge your smartphone.


Joe’s Jeans recently announced a new line of designer apparel called #Hello. Both stylish and utilitarian, these designer jeans make you no longer a wall hugger by integrating a specialized battery pack right above the back pocket, making you a walking powerbank instead. Just kidding.


One thing to keep in mind before you pre-order is that these designer jeans don’t exactly come cheap. For example, a pair of mid-rise skinny cost $189 before the price of the battery pack. You’ll have to shell out an extra $49 if you want the novelty of charging your iPhone 6 while walking around in your skinny jeans.


At least you can charge both iPhones and Android devices since the battery pack comes with mini-USB and Lightning cables.


I’m curious though, are these jeans designed to prevent #bendgate?