Here I am, barely able to maximize the potentials of iOS 8 and out comes iOS 9 beta, and already the fifth iteration at that! I woke up this morning to the exciting news that developers are already busy sifting through the latest public version of iOS and discovering a bunch of new features along the way.


Here are some of the notable ones:


1. New iOS Wallpapers

It’s been a while since Apple released new wallpapers for iPhone and iPad. Since iOS 8 was launched, to be exact. Today Apple is breaking that drought by showcasing new wallpapers with Beta 5 and removing some old ones. No love lost there, to be honest.


Here are some of the new beautiful wallpapers on the iPad.





2. WiFi Calling for Carriers

iOS 9 Beta 5 brings about WiFi calling features for US network AT&T. Of course, the feature isn’t working yet, but the addition of these options in the settings menu should be exciting enough for subscribers of the network. In addition, a new WiFi Assist feature “automatically use(s) cellular data when Wi-Fi connectivity is poor.”





3. Minor Yet Significant Keyboard Changes

Apple has been constantly tweaking the iOS keyboard since the drastic redesign it debuted with iOS 7. Beta 5 is no exception. In the latest version, both the shift and backspace keys have been simplified with matching colors and wired symbols to differentiate them from the rest of the character keys. Very smart!


Here’s the newest keyboard waiting for everyone in iOS 9.





I’m not going to mention them all here, but other new features include changes to CarPlay, Apple Music, and a new splash screen for the default iOS Calendar app. Can’t wait to get my hands on iOS 9... along with a new iPhone to replace the one I have now, maybe.