As a frequent moviegoer myself, I normally go to cinemas to see blockbuster Hollywood films more often than not. I make sure to go see at least one movie a month just because it's one of those things I enjoy. I don't know that many Filipino films let alone independent movies for that matter. But since Cinemalaya 2015 is here, this gives me plenty of time to give indie films a shot. Now I'm sharing my three must-watch Cinemalaya entries based on what I would like to catch before the film festival is over.


Above The Clouds


Video from Pepe Diokno


I've been hearing a lot of good reviews about the film Above The Clouds directed by Pepe Diokno. It's a story of a young boy named Andres who lost his parents in a flood. At 15 years old, he had to live in the Mountain Province with his grandfather. Both begin on a journey as they decide to move on from their grief of losing everything.


The Boy Who Cried Books (GMA "Reel Time")


Video from GMA News


Not really familiar with the categories in Cinemalaya so I was surprised to know that they had documentaries as part of their exhibition. Anyway, I want to see The Boy Who Cried Books because of its touching backstory. It's really inspiring how a young man with bipolar disorder perseveres in life to save money for a college education by selling books on the sidewalk. As someone who has friends with bipolar disorder, this documentary from GMA hit close to home.


Titser (ANC "Mukha")


Video from 9News Philippines


You can probably tell I enjoy watching documentaries so I chose Titser to be part of my list. The story is about a public school teacher named Sab who is a B.S. Biology graduate of Ateneo de Manila University. Clearly, she was all set to become a doctor. But when she learned about the challenges of the public school system at first hand, she decided to dedicate her life to her students.


For those going to Cinemalaya 2015, see you there! You can also share you must-watch list in the comments below.