Who is Deadpool?


The average Marvel moviegoer doesn’t know much about Deadpool. For the sake of clarity, here’s a quick rundown on his character:


Deadpool is the wisecracking, talkative and deadly superhero of Marvel Comics, the result of an experimentation not too dissimilar from the Weapon X experiments that gave Wolverine his signature adamantium claws. He has a long character history before he became Deadpool, including falling in love with a girl who belongs in a guild of assassins that rivals his own.


But for the most part, Deadpool is beloved by Marvel fans all over the world for his dark humor and tendency to “break the fourth wall”, which is a theater term for speaking directly to the audience.


This trademark of Deadpool is in full display in this first trailer for Marvel’s upcoming popcorn flick.



What do you think? It’s different but not like Guardians of the Galaxy-different. Is it good different, or bad different? Sound off in the comments below.