After getting some tips on photowalk ideas this long weekend, what will you do with all the photos you've taken? If you said it's time for some post-processing goodness, then you're absolutely right! It's best to keep it simple and edit less. After all, you don't want your photos to look too different from the raw shot. With this post, hopefully I can teach you how playing around with exposure, temperature, and other editing tools from apps you already have on your phone can do wonders to your images.


1. Take a hundred shots


You have to choose one photo from the bunch of shots you've taken. It's important to take multiple shots of the same subject so that you'll have options to choose from later on.


2. Square or not


After you've chosen your photo to edit, you can decide to either crop the photo or leave it as is. But if you're planning to share it on Instagram then it would be best to do the former.


3. Filter or no filter


You can change the mood of your photos by adding filters. Try to play and change between filters that best suite your photo. Each photo is different so it only make sense that not one filter can be used for every shot.


4. Warm or cool, bright or dim

          IMG_3242.PNG    IMG_3246.PNG

Next thing to consider is the temperature and exposure of your photo. Basically you have to choose between warm (yellowish tint) and cool (blueish tint) when it comes to temperature. On the other hand, exposure deals with how overexposed (bright) or underexposed (dim) your photo should be.


5. Sharpening helps


Always sharpen your photos but don't overdo it. You know what they say it's all in the details.


Have fun editing! Photos above are from louiegraphy. Apps used: iPhone native Camera app and VSCO for the filters and editing tools.