We all know that YouTube is the go-to site for watching online videos. After all, it's not known as the world's biggest video streaming website for nothing. In an attempt to captitalize on the huge demand for video game streaming, YouTube launched the new site, gaming.youtube.com


YouTube Gaming.PNG

Source: YouTube


With gaming as one of the most popular video categories on YouTube, it only makes sense for them to launch a dedicated site focused on games. But many believed that YouTube launching a dedicated gaming website is also an attempt to challenge Twitch. For those who didn't know, Twitch is also a gaming website service that YouTube tried to buy. It lost to Amazon who paid $970m last year. Although according to Twitch's chief executive, Emmett Shear, they had chosen Amazon "because they believe in our community, they share our values and long-term vision, and they want to help us get there faster".


Moving forward, the good news here is that it's now easier for gamers to find videos and stream gameplay. And would you believe there are more than 25,000 games to enjoy on YouTube's new gaming website? Let's wait and see if YouTube lives up to its promise to make their new site to become the biggest community of gamers on the web. Besides the web service, you can expect a YouTube Gaming app for iOS and Android soon.