Source: http://www.theverge.com/


On September 21, Burger King intended to celebrate Peace Day by creating a sort of hybrid burger called the “McWhopper”. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because the burger is a combination of Burger King’s famous Whopper burger and—you guessed it—McDonald’s signature Big Mac.


The move is a show of “truce” between the two world-reknowned brands, with the McWhopper being sold only at a single pop-up store in Atlanta, exactly midway between their headquarters. All proceeds will go to the Peace One Day charity.


It’s a novel idea for a good cause. Here’s the video explaining the whole collab thing posted on Burger King’s official Youtube page.


However, McDonald’s has politely declined. As reported by The Verge, McDonald’s posted on its Facebook page that “something bigger” could be achieved by both brands by staying as they are—that is, as rivals. Now I’m just curious to see what McDonald’s has in store for Peace Day after turning down this one-off collab opportunity for both brands.


I guess we’ll find out on September 21st.