In an effort to attract more tourists, Australia is partnering with GIGA Selfie so visitors can raise the bar to their selfie game. No wonder GIGA Selfie was dubbed as the "world's biggest selfie service." Watch the video below to know what I mean. Although I'm not entirely sure why the new service only aims to bring more Japanese tourists just because it was the sixth largest tourist market for Australia last year. I mean I'm sure Filipinos will enjoy this new service as much as anyone who likes to take selfies.



Source: Australia


The service just doesn't take ordinary selfies. In fact, it's more powerful than what your phone's front facing camera can do. All you need to do is to stand at a designated spot and push a button on the app. Sounds simple enough. But the real power comes from a camera that takes the shot from hundreds of feet away. You do not only get a zoomed-in selfie with the finished photo but also download a slow pan out video from the central selfie shot. Imagine being able to watch a panoramic video showcasing breathtaking Australian scenery where your selfie was taken.


GIGA is said to be available in various locations around Australia beginning September 5 and 6. So if you want to take a huge selfie, be at Queensland resort Gold Coast by those dates.