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In the wizarding world, a wild applause fills the halls of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry as the Sorting Hat directs James Sirius Potter towards House Gryffindor, just like his father. James Sirius is the eldest son of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasely.


This peace of news is confirmed by none other than J.K. Rowling herself in a tweet. Harry Potter fans around the world are rejoicing while Teddy Lupin looks on, disappointed.



On the contrary fans are kind of disappointed that Teddy, Remus and Tonk’s son, ended up in House Hufflepuff, the same house his mother was sorted into.


But why does the date have to be specific? Well, at the end of Deathly Hallows we were told that James Sirius has already started schooling at Hogwarts and that Albus Severus Potter, Harry’s second son, is about to embark on his first day. The chapter mentioned the date is September 1, 2017. So two years ago, on September 1, 2015, James Sirius wore the Sorting Hat for the first time in the book.


Two years from now, we hope to find out through the Sorting Hat which namesake little Albus Severus will follow after: Albus Dumbledore of House Gryffindor or Severus Snape of House Slytherin.