I have seen portraits in celebratory cakes during birthdays and anniversaries but I would never have imagined seeing them on my morning coffee. Honestly, I'm not much of a coffee drinker but I do enjoy a good cup of latte (with art). So when I discovered that there's a machine that can print any image or message onto my coffee, all I can think about is when will it be available here in the Philippines. Watch the video below and tell me you're not sold.



Source: Coffee Ripples

The machine is called Ripple Maker which is by a Tel-Aviv based company known as Steam CC. The cool thing about this is that it uses 3D printing and inkjet technology to create intricate latte art designs. You can either let your barista select from a library of images on Ripples' website or upload your own image to the mobile app and send it straight to the coffee maker. The best part is it can turn the top of your coffee drink into the image or phrase you want in just ten seconds.


In terms of its long-term goal, the creative minds from Tel Aviv plan to showcase original work of artists and designers through the images available in their library. They even plan on creating premium channels which you can eventually subscribed to and discover which images are popular from coffee shops request and which ones are shared the most. In case you're wondering about the costing, the Ripple Maker is priced at $1,000 with service plans starting at $75 per month.