Google Redesign.PNG

Unless you've been living under a rock, you might have noticed that there's something new about Google's logo. If you can't quite put your finger on it, I suggest you to open your browser and take a closer look. Were you able to see any difference from their previous logo?

Google Dots.PNG

That logo sitting on top of your search bar is now animated for the first time. Well to be fair, they've always shown some form of animation during special occasions like displaying fireworks together with the logo to celebrate New Years and what not. The new animation I'm referring to are the four colorful dots that morphs into an abridged 'G' logo then transforms back to spelling out the full Google logo. Besides the animation, the Google logo is said to have used a serif typeface since the year 1999. That was really a long time ago. 16 years to be exact before they decided on updating their logo design.

Google G Logo.PNG

In case you're wondering, the updated logo now uses a sans-serif typeface which is actually Google's own creation called Product Sans. It definitely looks modern compared to its predecessor. Looking back at the old logo makes you think that it was really time for an update. Are you loving the new redsign or are you still giving yourself time to get used to how it looks now? Share your thoughts in the comments below.