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Fantastic Four was not a great superhero movie. Perhaps not even a good one, and both box office numbers and critic reviews are indicative of this unfortunate reboot. I honestly thought we were finally getting a true Fantastic Four film when I saw the first trailer. Sadly a great Fantastic Four film did not come to pass.


So what happened? A lot of people are pointing fingers at a lot of things, including the production having a weak script and a director whose vision never aligned with the studio.


But there’s at least one person in the industry who believes he knows exactly why Fantastic Four bombed. When Stan Lee was asked for his opinion on Fantastic Four’s fate, he had this to say: “It’s probably because I didn’t have a cameo in it.”


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I must admit the old man’s still got a *coughsfantasticcoughs* sense of humor. As one of Marvel’s most prolific creators, Stan Lee has appeared in nearly all of Marvel’s superhero films. He was, in fact, a mailman in 2005 Fantastic Four.


So yes, I’m looking forward to Stan Lee having a great cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Or else...