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Anybody who’s ever partied and danced in one of Manila’s hottest clubs is familiar with DJ Mars Miranda. A regular of Valkyrie and Palace Pool Club, Mars is well-known for his fusion of vastly different musical genres that sends the crowd wild. He is, simply put, one of Manila’s best.


We recently sat down with Mars and picked his brain for his insights on how to get started as a DJ. So for all hopefuls out there, here goes!


1. Know your music

This sounds like the most basic thing in the world, but it’s actually the first and most crucial step towards defining yourself as a DJ. There are so many different sounds and genres out there. Find one that fires you up every single time and from there develop your own style.


2. Master your equipment

A guitarist has his guitar, a magician’s got his hat, and a DJ needs an adept and masterful familiarity with his equipment to produce the wonderful beats that every young crowd deserves. Remember, mastery sets you apart from the rest.


3. Find a mentor

I know we’d all love to have Mars as our mentor and I’m sure he’d love to mentor us too, if only he could find the time between his extremely busy schedule.


4. Practice practice practice

You can be good at anything—even great—with enough practice. Take it from Mars, who specifically stressed the importance of discipline and constant practice in becoming the next hottest DJ in town. Strive to improve and hone your skills and keep at it.


5. Have fun!

What’s the point of aspiring to become a DJ when you aren’t having fun in the process? The heart and soul of what a DJ does must be where your heart and soul lie as well. To be like Mars, love what you do, practice all the time, master the art and science of DJing, and have fun while you’re at it. Trust me, you’re already halfway there!


Still hungry for more spinning tips? Join DJ Mars Miranda in a Spinning 101 session on September 5, 5-7 PM, at the Globe GEN3 Store in Ayala Center, Cebu. Hope to see you there!