If I ask you which comfort food you can't live without, what would it be? Mine would most probably be Potato Corner's sour cream flavored fries. Just writing about this makes me want to go to the nearest Potato Corner kiosk and buy me some tera-sized sour cream fries. Seriously, I'm not kidding!

French Fries Vending Machine.PNG

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So imagine my heart sing when I found out about a vending machine invented by entrepreneurs and students at Wageningen University in the Netherlands that serves up fresh batches of french fries. Oh, and condiments, too. But how does it work exactly? Well, the machine can deep fry frozen strips of potato and then serves them up with ketchup, mayo, or curry. Would you believe that you can enjoy your fries in just two minutes thanks to this machine? *gasp*

French Fries Vending Machine C.PNG

Source: nosop3


Hopefully we can see this vending machine across the world once developers begin to expand from the only prototype they have on campus. Now, the question is: what would you make available via vending machine if given the chance?