Smartphones has been truly part of our lives as much as we'd like to admit it. We all know smartphones are power-hungry devices. It would most certainly not survive a whole day without us at least charging it once at some point. That's why you've probably noticed that carrying a powerank has been the new norm nowadays. But you know what? Powerbanks run out of power too.


So what's a better alternative? How about a high-performance solar phone charger? With Little Sun Charge, you can not only get a handheld solar phone charger but also a solar light device. This was designed by artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen who also created a solar light device called Little Sun three years ago.

Little Sun Charge.PNG

Photo credit: Inka Recke


You can get a full charge with the Little Sun Charge with just five hours of sunshine. This device works with all of your existing mobile devices and cables by using a standard USB port.


Little Sun.PNG

Photo credit: Inka Recke


If this is something that you'd be interested in, you can pre-order the Little Sun Charge on Kickstarter and at the same time provide a solar powered Little Sun light to their Alight Zimbabwe partner.