Twitter is well-known for the 140-character limit. It's a microblogging site after all. Recently, there have been news about Twitter may be releasing a new product which would allow users to share tweets longer than the 140-character limit trademark it had since its launch. We know that there are third-party services that offer this long ago. Anyone remembers twitlonger? It's perfect for those times when we need more than 140 characters to express our thoughts. Or for those of you, yes you, who talk too much on Twitter.



As of now, it's not clear what the product would actually look like but at least we know that there's a chance for eventually having a native service which allows us to publish long-form content. This seems not too far from reality. For instance, it removed the limit for direct messages last July. Plus added a few other features like “retweet with comment” option in April to give you more character count to comment on tweets you share.


People are already reacting on Twitter (no less) about the news. How about you? What are your thoughts? Make sure to share them below. (Or tweet them if you want to).